17 August 2010

in memoriam: my 30 day unlimited card

I wish I had that thing still. It expired the other day, and I haven't acquired the ends to get another one just yet. Gotta love it. She gets you around the city; on as many trains or buses as you need. Poli-tricks is trying their darnedest to cap the card at 90 rides per month or raise the price even higher. Soon they'll take the card away altogether. We'll be eulogizing not only the card, but the money that leaves our pockets as a result of having to pay-per-ride.

Gotta get myself a car.
(and open up a new can of worms.)

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  1. Man My card just expired as well... UGH :( its the worst! But having a car in NYC is a pain.. Parking.. Alternate side street cleaning, and GAS!


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